10 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Sales Performance

5 most effective Mobile marketing tips for 2018
5 Most Effective Mobile Marketing Tips for 2018
April 7, 2018
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10 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Sales Performance

tips to improve your sales performance

Hey Folks, this is Vijay Dehraj and here is am going to share with you 10 amazing tips to improve your sales performance. which is I also used personally to grow the company, actually you need to focus on these points which are mention below. If you asked me what I should do for the growth of your company then I used to do those things first. I focused on these things Because there are lots of companies and agencies which is your competitors too so if you focus on those things then absolutely get very best results. These are not the only suggestions that are the things which are I also used for myself and my clients.

tips to improve your sales performance

1. Clear Your Vision and Mission.

You need to understand your business niche and also discussed with your team member ask some questions themselves. here is some question that you need to discuss with your team.

Why choose you?
What do you do best?
Who needs what you do?
How do you best approach these prospects?
How much are they willing to pay?
What is your USP (Unique Selling Points)?

If these questions are not answered easily, do discuss with your team, at that points and make a clear vision or mission.

2. Set the Specific Goals.

You need to write down the daily activity goals (calls per day, proposals per month, referrals per call, conversion per month etc.) that you can control. Set results goals (sales per month, amount per sale, profit per sale, etc.) to measure your progress, and track them closely. Increase your activity or productivity and measure the results. Goals focus your attention and energize your action.

3. Understand to Customer Needs.

You need Always assume your prospects will buy only what they need. How can you convince them of that need? Highlight the features of your product or service that reduce costs and solve problems for the customer. Sometimes you can reposition your wares. For example, you sold home furniture for their look and feel; now stress wood’s durability and permanent value. So be creative in your sales and marketing.


4. Create and Maintain Desirable Attention.

You need to create and maintain desirable attention to your customers: Branding, Effective marketing, referrals, strong sales skills, and strategic questions are the keys to creating valuable attention. Constant follow-through and above-and-beyond customer service are the keys to maintaining it.


5. Purpose of Sells.

You need to know both what to do and why you’re doing it at every step along the way. Who are you targeting and why? What are you going to tell them and why? What are you going to ask them and why? What is your proposal going to look like and why? When are you going to ask for the order? If you don’t feel sure of yourself at every step of the selling process, get some training or guidance. Prepared yourself properly read some books, listen to a podcast or watch some videos for training yourself to get some great clients with your sales and marketing skills.


6. Ask, Listen, and Act.

This three word is played the important role better than any others, they are not only the word these are key to win the sales, these three words summarize success in sales. Your questions must be relevant, planned, prepared, creative, and straight to the point. Your listening skills must be extremely perfected. You must respond and take action that proves that you listened to the customer’s requirement and want the sale.

7. Take the Responsibility but not the Credit.

You need to realize that you are the team leader. The company looks to you for direction and supports your effort. To build a strong support team prepared to go the extra mile when you need it, give your team the credit for everything that goes right, and take the blame when it goes wrong and if you do those things you win the heart <3 also.

8. Work on the Basics.

Even the best of the best have a place for improvement. Make a decision to improve your weaknesses, and set goals to force yourself to do the things you don’t like to do. Be more creative in your prospecting, fact-finding, and presentation skills. Imagine the perfect salesperson and compare yourself to the ideal.

9. Develop a Positive Attitude.

Your positive attitude is controllable. Overcome your fears. Change the minds that limit your success. Your thought habits control your commitment, enthusiasm, endurance, flexibility, happiness, and courage. Be aware of them, decide which ones are unproductive, and then make a commitment to change. With time and effort, you can become the person you want to be.

10. Maximize your time.

You need to focus on your goals. Test every activity for its importance and necessity. Create an ideal schedule, and test your actual time use against it daily. Remember, just one hour a day used more productively adds up to more than six extra weeks of productive time a year.


Final Words: These are the things I thought you need to work on to get the best results and for company growth. you need to focus to grow the company sales. you also focused on branding that makes an impact on the clients. If you say to the clients we are top notch award winning company then client trust is automatically is increased and you defiantly win the game at that time. After that, your work quality and your support services help to a recommendation of your clients if you satisfied the clients they highly recommend you.

The Aim of Marketing is to know and understand

The Customer
So well the product or services fits him and sells itself.
                                                                  -Peter Drucker

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