Time is Money: A Marketer’s Quick and Easy Guide to Keyword Research

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March 31, 2018
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Time is Money: A Marketer’s Quick and Easy Guide to Keyword Research

Time is Money: A Marketer’s Quick and Easy Guide to Keyword Research

Nowadays, most SEO efforts have been focused on content creation and link building. I think the trend is headed towards the right direction especially since the social media networks and search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. However, despite the attention that content and link building are getting, marketers must never forget one of the most vital aspects of digital marketing – keyword research.


Time is Money: A Marketer’s Quick and Easy Guide to Keyword Research


Why keyword research?


As a marketer, it is essential that you understand the role that keywords play in your marketing strategies. For one thing, keyword research will ensure that your marketing campaigns are targeting the right audiences. The right keywords will lead your content marketing, SEO, and PPC efforts toward the people who are likely to buy your products or subscribe to your services. At this point, you might be thinking that doing keyword research is a laborious task. Let me calm your nerves; it is not. In fact, with the right tools and knowledge, you can end up with a handful of keywords in just 30 minutes or less. In the world of digital marketing, time is something that we can’t afford to waste. Each second counts! And because of that, we will help you maximize your keyword research efforts through the Marketer’s 30-Minute Keyword Research Challenge.


Are you excited?


I bet you are!

Choosing the Right Keyword Research Tool: 


Before we begin the challenge, you need to use a keyword research tool that can work as fast and as efficient as you are.Of course, there a lot of tools out there to choose from. However, the best and only option that we believe suitable for this challenge is Ubersuggest.



There are a handful of good answers to that question, and we will be discussing that as we move along with the challenge. For now, the most important thing that you should know is that Ubersuggest is free. You don’t have to register for an account to unlock all of its amazing features. A far cry from the usual keyword research tools out there.


Now that we’re able to choose the keyword research tool to use, the next step is to identify your “seed keyword” and set up your timer. For the latter, the one on your phone should suffice.


All set?


Let’s start!

Seed Keyword Expansion for 10 Minutes:


To begin with, we will dedicate ten minutes of your keyword research effort to expanding your seed keyword. This is not really difficult. All you have to do is enter your keyword into the “Look Up” box. After that, just let Ubersuggest do its magic and in just a few seconds, you will be presented with hundreds of keyword suggestions. As an example, let’s enter “graphic design” as our seed keyword, assuming that you’re a graphic designer. In most cases, the exact match keyword would turn out to be too competitive for smaller brands. However, that is not the case this time.

Ubersuggest measures the competitiveness of a keyword on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0. For our seed keyword, the competitiveness rating is 0.43 which is considered reasonable if you’re a startup with a decent budget. Moving forward, let’s now jump to the keyword suggestions. Our seed keyword has yielded 820 keyword suggestions.


With the number of suggestions Ubersuggest provided, you should now be able to spot better keyword opportunities. On the first page alone, there are already a couple of terms that you can use. However, bear in mind that the results are sometimes a mixed bag. Meaning, there are instances when some suggestions are too competitive, while others are lacking in terms of search volume. Always find the sweet spot between the search volume, keyword competitiveness, and user intent. In our example, there are plenty of keyword opportunities that we can grab.


One good choice is the term “ad design


Not only does it have a feasible competitiveness rating, but its commercial intent is high. You may think that 880 average monthly search volume is not that much. Then again, keep in mind that as a graphic designer, a single client may provide you with hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in profit. Now, let’s choose a few other keyword suggestions.


After selecting your top keyword suggestions, don’t forget to click the “Export to CSV” button at the bottom of the list.


For the sake of this guide, let’s stick with the four keyword suggestions that we selected. Later on, feel free to scroll down and choose as many keyword suggestions as you like. In 10 minutes, you would probably have ten keywords in your list.

Keyword Growth Potential Checking for 10 Minutes: 

Now, keyword research is not all about getting the top keywords and using them. It is essential that you identify which of these top keywords will show the most potential in the coming months. Using Ubersuggest, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the bar graph icon located beside the search volume number of the keyword suggestion. This graph will show you how each keyword performs in terms of monthly searches.


For our “ad design” keyword, you will see that overall, it has a consistent high search volume performance for the past months.


The same could be said for our second keyword although there are noticeable declines in searches in December, July, and June. While 590 is a workable figure, you should still consider the inconsistencies before using a keyword. The third and fourth keywords also show inconsistencies but are still considered promising.


With these four keywords, it would take you no more than 4 minutes or a minute per keyword at most to complete the entire process. Therefore, 10 minutes will be enough for you to process ten keywords.

Refining Keyword for 5 Minutes:

Now that you’re finally able to identify the most promising keywords in your list, let’s give Ubersuggest another shot. This time around, we will be refining the search for our top keyword which is the “ad design” We will use the term as our seed keyword.


In the next five minutes, our goal is to find even better keyword opportunities in terms of commercial intent and volume.


For our example, we were able to extract the following profitable keyword opportunities.


As you know by now, expanding your top keywords will give you the opportunity to find as many keyword ideas as you want. However, since you already have a handful of top keywords, you don’t have to spend much time on this one.

Competition Scouting for 5 Minutes:


Congratulations! We are now down to the last five minutes of the challenge. This time, we will wrap up our Marketer’s 30-Minute Keyword Research Challenge by scouting for your direct competitors. You don’t have to perform any particular technique to accomplish this task. Just do a quick search on Google and check on the top-ranking websites in your niche. Feel free to use any of the top keywords that we handpicked earlier to find your direct competitors.


If there’s one thing that you should focus on when doing competitor analysis, it should always be your competitor’s content. While keyword research is one of the most significant foundations of digital marketing, never forget that Google and other search engines are now prioritizing the most relevant content related to a search query. Meaning, it’s not enough that you have the best keywords in your niche. You also have to create better content to rank in Google SERP.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have completed the 30-Minute Keyword Research Challenge, I hope that you were able to bag some profitable keywords along the way. Again, let me emphasize the importance of time in digital marketing.

Time is money

Every single minute you spend watching videos on Youtube learning different keyword research techniques, one of your competitors might already be applying all the lessons he learned from this post. Hopefully, the Marketer’s 30-Minute Keyword Research Challenge we did inspire you to pay more attention to keyword research and give it your best shot. Good luck!


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